Jimmy c. newman - alligator man

On his second day in office, Carter pardoned all evaders of the Vietnam War drafts. During Carter's term as president, two new cabinet-level departments, the Department of Energy and the Department of Education , were established. He established a national energy policy that included conservation, price control, and new technology. In foreign affairs, Carter pursued the Camp David Accords , the Panama Canal Treaties , the second round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II), and the return of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama. On the economic front he confronted persistent "stagflation" , a combination of high inflation, high unemployment and slow growth. The end of his presidential tenure was marked by the 1979–1981 Iran hostage crisis , the 1979 energy crisis , the Three Mile Island nuclear accident , and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan . In response to the invasion, Carter escalated the Cold War by ending détente , imposing a grain embargo against the USSR , enunciating the Carter doctrine , and leading an international boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow . In 1980, Carter faced a primary challenge from Senator Ted Kennedy , but Carter won re-nomination at the 1980 Democratic National Convention . Carter lost the general election in an electoral landslide to Republican nominee Ronald Reagan . Polls of historians and political scientists usually rank Carter as a below-average president.

Jimmy C. Newman - Alligator ManJimmy C. Newman - Alligator ManJimmy C. Newman - Alligator ManJimmy C. Newman - Alligator Man