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“After nearly 20 years of trading, it’s time to bring BBC Shop to a close but customers can buy digital copies of BBC programmes from and BBC branded merchandise from other websites,” said a spokesman for BBC Worldwide. “Our DVD business remains profitable with wide distribution thanks to break-out hits like War and Peace and Happy Valley, while our digital retail business, BBC Store, allows us to release an unrivalled breadth of catalogue.”

The NFL has been steadily growing for several decades in the UK, in the 90’s games were shown in the evening on the BBC which created a fanbase which has only gotten bigger and louder since 2007 when the NFL decided to host its first International Series game in London. The Super Bowl is now an event in annual british calendar where many bars and pubs open late to show the game. The fanbase has grown at an unprecedented rate and there are now talks of having a London-based NFL team. As a company, NFL Shop UK have operated for over a decade offering NFL Jerseys & NFL merchandise UK wide.

Oh, what fun it is to sip your hot coffee, tea, or chocolate in cozy comfort, while you imagine dashing over cold, snowy fields in an open sleigh.

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Merchandise - The BBC SessionsMerchandise - The BBC SessionsMerchandise - The BBC SessionsMerchandise - The BBC Sessions