Mantra - painted red

The bus was named by artist Roy Sebern, who first painted the word “Furthur” (with two U's, quickly corrected) on the destination placard as a kind of one-word ...

In The Belgian UFO Wave of 1989–1992 – A Neglected Hypothesis , Renaud Leclet & co. discuss the fact that some sightings can be explained by helicopters. Most witnesses reported that the objects were silent. This report argues that the lack of noise could be due to the engine noise in the witnesses' automobiles, or strong natural wind blowing away from the witnesses. [4]

Matt W. Moore works to the mantra ‘range is conducive to growth.’ Matt’s background was in action board sports and the action art of graffiti, each with their core value of speed, do-it-yourself ethic, enthusiasm for new terrain, and sheer fun of collaboration. Over the past decade, he has applied those principles to his bold, graphic aesthetic in media both analog and digital, for projects both personal and commercial.

As founder of MWM Graphics, Matt dubbed his digital abstract style ‘Vectorfunk’ early on in his career, and has since employed it to cover surfaces ranging from Ray-Ban Wayfarers to Nixon wristwatches; large 3D mosaic walls for Instagram HQ, branding for Coca-Cola’s London Olympics campaign, and an entire issue of Wired Magazine. Whether working in fine art or commercial applications, Matt W. Moore finds that each sparks the other. His evolutions as a designer often inform the monumental murals he paints in city neighborhoods around the world. His annual series of handmade black and white explorations on paper changes the pace and inspires new vocabulary. Cross-pollinating between disciplines allows him to constantly refresh his perspective and produce unique work.

Many of Matt’s most memorable projects have been at the intersection of art and design, and often involve substantial collaborative processes. These range from his own initiatives, such as home goods line Core Deco and clothing brand Glyph Cue, to projects initiated by others, such as painted outdoor sculptures for Moscow’s Sretenka Design Week, robot-generated Sharpie marker drawings done with a Modified CNC Machine, and curated projects such as murals at Art Basel Miami or corridor-length wall paintings in Barcelona’s Vincci Hotel. Leaving himself open to the inspiration of new places, different materials, and looming deadlines, for many of his exhibitions with art galleries, he creates the entire body of work as a residency on-site, whether in Paris, São Paulo, or Tokyo, and always with accompanying in-situ public murals and installations.

Wax Top Coat? Why would I use wax versus polyurethane?
Chalk Paint® is very porous and the wax will penetrate the paint and literally fuse with it making it very strong. Waxing the paint provides protection. Chalk Paint® in nature- is a very flat chalky finish and over time could be effected by oils from your skin, stains from beverages, dirty fingertips. They can permanently stain the paint. The wax finish is what seals and protects your piece. This is a bit of a crude analogy, but if you have ever replaced the commode (toilet) in your bathroom, before placing the new commode down on the top of the sewer pipe, a thick wax ring is placed. And then, the commode goes on top of that and pressure is applied to “squish” the wax and seal it. Wax is used in many applications to protect materials. A perfect example of this is when we wax our cars.

This king of stotras written by,
Appayya who is the performer of sacrifices,
If read with devotion during journey,
Would ensure fulfillment of wishes,
Protection during journey,
And Lord Shiva would be easily pleased.

Mantra - Painted RedMantra - Painted RedMantra - Painted RedMantra - Painted Red