Artikal - first thao

My name is Thao, you can also call me Dion. I live in a large and modern city in Vietnam. Currently, I am a student in Advanced Literature class at my high school. I can say for sure that I spend almost my time studying at school and just go home after 6 pm every day and I enjoy the rest of time in the day with my big family. The numbers of member of my family are five, my jovial grandmother, my parents, my elder brother, who is also a student and me. My mother is a housewife and she also owns a small shop. She is very nice and loves having a good gossip with our neighbors. My father works as an engineer for an administrative company and he is really the opposite of my mother because he is quite discreet and just wants to share his time with family.

Artikal - First ThaoArtikal - First ThaoArtikal - First Thao